20 hours with WOMAN


We have muscular and female nature. Everyone.

The problem only in balance and mix.

Find a woman who more feminine, if you want fewer problems and vice versa.

SOME Traits of unfeminine woman

CAUTION – we should study every woman separately. One trait can show nothing.

– Sexual – she wants sex with multiple parnerst and expresses it.
– Crazy on her looks. Often have new clothes(may buy or steal).
– Wants to be like a man.
– Tatoo. Aggressive.

Read, think and share knowledge with your mini world – friends, spouse, family, partners…

Let’s start with question

What I’ve thought about woman before studying them for 20 hr?

They are like a man but with special sexual organ and breast which after birth of a child can secrete special milk. I thought that we differ only physically. You don’t think so? Watch …

There is so many people who don’t fill up the social image of man or woman.

Some woman very evil, slutty and unattractive as mom or spouse.

Some man are very dependable on their mom, unconfident and weak in soul nature.

Many of this people end up by go kill themselves.

I think that this dividing to woman and man first thing that someone did to acquire power on us

Ok, after 20 hours nothing changed but added. Ancient philosophy is more developed than modern – timeess wisdome

Open for yourself one of the best books in history – Kybalion


“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles Gender; manifests on all planes.”This Principle embodies the truth that there is GENDER

manifested in everything — the Masculine and Feminine Principles ever at work. This is true not only of the Physical Plane but of the Mental and even the Spiritual Planes.

-The Kybalion-


Every person on this planet has muscular and feminine traits.The problem only on their mix and balance, like yin and yang.The difference between personalities is bigger than difference between sexes. Our psychological expression matters more than our physical.

Descartes called himself as thinking thing.









You could say that women are more beautiful. Yea?

Watch those criminals from Lombroso study

But some of theme really are(see below), do not think that if she is sexy, she won’t kill, steal, destroy…

Now I wanna touch feminine traits(link).

I acknowledge that those traits could change through time. We only set those traits to different genders based on our thoughts about how it should be.

Negative feminine traits:
Frivolousness, neediness, vanity, naivety, overly sensitive, squeamishness, prudishness, clinginess, helplessness, dependency, excessively emotional, obsessed with personal appearance, primping, lacking self-confidence, indecisiveness, excessive passivity, insecurity.

True woman nature is passive. She doesn’t want to be careerist, get a lot of attention, be first at
something and achieve success.

She is a miss, from word mission. Her mission is to give birth. For her success – is family and man who do this for her. She will say that his success is her work. Without her, he would be where she founded him – loser. They like to say a lie because truth takes responsibility.

Some contemproary woman have said about their gender:


– They have horrible role models and don’t know what real men or relationships look like.
– They watch too much tv. They are spoiled and freaking up their own asses.
– They don’t even know what it means to be a good woman or wife or mother!

What woman wants??
They are want attention. Attention for them is possibility of good life in fututre.
Is like stocks for investors.

The more she feels you can attract women who are as beautiful as her, the more you are on her radar. Cuz she wants to steal your attention from those other girls to prove to herself that she is better than them. That’s why women are so catty with their own friends, they are secretly competing with those women!

CAUTION: if woman doesn’t get getting enough attention from husband she can find new! And vice versa


Positive feminine traits:

Compassion, empathy, intuitiveness, cooperation, communication, kindness, calmness, thoughtfulness, graciousness, warmheartedness, emotionally expressive, able to behappy for others, sustainer, peacemaker, gentleness, patience, nurturing, helpfulness, open-mindedness, empathetic, neatness, attentive to detail, creativeness, life giving, sexual fidelity.

You see from this list that man without some feminine traits can’t leave.

Test yourself and find woman or man in yourself.

——-Find opposite gender in yourself(link)——-

Do you spot something in yourself? Write a comment

Now let’s spot SOME difference between a normal woman and criminal.

It can save you life.
Read: “Criminal Woman, the Prostitute, and the Normal Woman” OR “Female offender(link)

GENERAL RULE – seeking a woman with feminine traits as much as possible.

Woman are crueler, said Lombroso, but He has not seen WW2.
Man kills more people, but the woman could commit something more terrible(link) with one helpless creature.

Quote from Female offender by Cesare Lombroso

Stakembourg, a woman of bad life, on finding her-
self at 42 abandoned by her lovers, took to perse-
cuting her daughter. ” I do not like girls,” she used
to say. She hung her daughter from the ceiling by
the armpits, knocked her on the head with a brick,
and burnt her with a hot iron whenever she came
near her. One day, after having beaten her black
with a shovel, she said, laughing, “Now you are a
little negress.”

We have seen that the normal woman is naturally less sensitive to pain
than a man, and compassion is the offspring of sensitiveness.

Sexual like a man. Have many partners.

Our divine and Horribly actions come from love and sex.
Scientists sublimated and make new theories, technologies …
Cruel man or woman kill, steal, rape for sex etc.

The criminal woman is more sensual, they like sex more.
In this part of their personality, they are like Alfa man with 200 sex partners.
She is slut, easy to show off.

If a woman has a child and he suddenly want’s have sex with her children, then what she would do?
A normal woman will refuse herself to her lover rather than injure her child;
but the female criminal is different. She will prostitute her daughter to preserve her paramour.

Crazy on her looks.

Dress. — Yet another frequent cause of crime in
a woman is love of dress and ornaments. Dubosc,
who had helped to murder a widow, on being asked
why she had done it, answered,
“To obtain beautiful hair.”

In the psychology of the normal woman dress and personal adornment enter as factors of immense importance. A woman who is ill-dressed looks upon herself as disgraced.

A similar feeling is visible in children and in savages, dress appearing among the last-named to be the earliest form of property, and we need not wonder consequently that it should be a frequent source of crime.

Madame Lafarge stole her friend’s diamonds, and
ran grave risks in order to keep possession of them.

Good feeling. Affection. Passion.

In the women who commit crimes of passion there is great intensity of feeling. Indeed, their affections are infinitely more ardent than those of normal women, and they never show the absence of domestic sentiments which we noted in the born criminal.


De Albertis observed that among prostitutes those who are tattooed are the most depraved.

Handwriting. — The handwriting also, in the very
few prostitutes who have any education, is somewhat
masculine, and the same is true of born criminals.

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