You are probably a genius if …

  From Chesare Lombroso book ” Man of genius

(BUT There are numerous exceptions )

1)Your hands or feet are colder than the rest of your body this can mean that more blood goes to the brain.

2)Your workflow goes better in warm seasons
In the winter you work badly and you often do not have enough heat.

3)small body

Famous for short stature as well as for genius were:
Horace, Alexander, Aristotle, Plato, Epicurus,

Among great men of tall stature, I only know Volta
Goethe, Petrarch, Schiller, Foscolo,
Bismarck, Dumas …


Caesar feared the lean face of Cassius.

Demosthenes, Aristotle, Cicero, Giotto, Erasmus,
were all extremely thin in the flower of their age.

5)weak and sickly in childhood

such were

Demosthenes, Bacon, Newton, Locke, Adam
Smith, Flaxman, Haller,


wrote of Voltaire that his leanness recalled his
labors, and that his slight bent body was only a thin,
transparent veil, through which one seemed to see his soul
and genius.

6)YOU HAVE DAMAGED YOUR brain or skull and acquired savant syndrome

The celebrated
Australian novelist, Marcus Clarke,

when a child, received
a blow from a horse’s hoof which crushed his skull.

same is told of Vico, Gratry, Clement VI, Malebranche,
and Cornelius hence called a Lapide.

Maybe in the future, we all will be a genius – it requires an only proper hit on the head. BUT NOT NOW, it can make you more stupid.

7)You produce many ideas

, of course, many of them are not right, but with 1000 ideas one will be good, do not even doubt. You make attempts, even if people laugh at you.

8)In your family, there were or are crazy, alcoholics, suicides
, and you yourself sometimes consider yourself not normal. (But there is an exception to any rule.)


Pretty good poets while they are maniacal ; but when cured can no longer write verse.”
And again, “Men illustrious in poetry, politics, and arts, have often been
melancholic and mad, or misanthropic, like
Bellerophon. Even in modern times such characters
have been noted in Socrates, Empedocles, Plato, and in
many others, especially poets.”

Democritus was more explicit, and would not believe
that there could be a good poet who was not out of his

Essentially, if you could not create something special, really new, or Popularized to the whole world, and did not inspire people that your idea is a genius – then no one will call you a genius.
Remember more – Genius is not a Talent.

Talent – you faster learner than most people, it’s simpler for you, and Genius learns and brings something new. He could know less but create something revolutionary.

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